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The Best Fux

by MarianneToiletandTheRuns

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Why are the very best fucks of your life, with the very worst kinds of people?
Why does it have to feel so right, to be so intertwined with evil?
I thought it was love at first sight, we had such a romantic connection.
I felt all of our passions ignite, maybe that was just ejaculation!

Holding you was such a thrill, I wanted it to last forever.
But then you showed your true face… pure terror
Ooh… fuck you… ooh… go back to hell where you belong
Ooh. or at least get some kind of therapy, there’s something wrong in your head
You really need help you fucking monster.

Why are the very best fucks of your life, with the very worst kinds of people?
Couldn’t there be some kind of device, to make the shitty people smell fecal!
I could make a million dollars warding the masses away from you.
If it already existed I would not have had to go through what I went through.

You are a curse I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.
But I can’t deny… you still make me horny.
Ooh… I still play with myself when I think of you.
Ooh… But I’m ashamed about it and I cry when it’s over
Ooh… I really wish I had a better imagination, so you wouldn’t be my “go to”
when I needed to “Rub one out.”

I can’t deny when I think of you,
I’m overwhelmed with sadness,
I’m overwhelmed with shame.

When I think of the things you got me to do,
my body’s on the brink of madness,
my mind is verging on insane.

I guess I should thank you, for teaching me how to do, that thing with my tongue…
tongue gestures

Why are the very best fucks of your life, with the very worst kinds of people?
Why can’t I get both the body and mind, why can’t both of those parts be equal?
If only I could make a person with sexual skill like you
Except they’d be loving and caring and THEY, WOULD, WANT, ME, TOO

But they’d probably be ugly, or deformed in some way
Or maybe they have eczema or herpes, or something like that
Because you cannot get everything you want
You have to take the good with the FAT

That’s a hint!

I’m adorable!!
ranting about how adorable I am which turns into furious heartbroken screaming


released April 12, 2020


all rights reserved



MarianneToiletandTheRuns Boston, Massachusetts

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